This Whole Meal Has Gone Wrong

by Skull Tank

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This is our first EP.
Best enjoyed at high volume with idiot mates and beer.
Try not to analyse us; we're rubbish!


released December 13, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Dan Lucas at Anchor Baby Recording Company:

Mastered by Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios:

Produced by Chester Boyd

Graphic design and logo by Arron Miles

Cover art by Brad Wheatley



all rights reserved


Skull Tank Canterbury, UK

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Track Name: Pick it Up and Put it in the Bin
I just saw you leave your shit behind. I don't trust you, Baptist Eyes.
Plastic wrappers filled with chewing gum; now I know you, Litterbug.
Say what!? Broken Action Man, buried in the sand, I despise.
Say what!? Hey you with the face, Captain Planet would shit in your mouth you disgrace.
Pick it up and put it in the bin.
Hey, say, put your crap away, no littering.
We're sick of the filth, the tide of disease, the spreading corruption, empty packets of cheese.
The landfills are full, the barrels are sunk.
Take note to remember:
You're nothing but a piece of shit and I'm drunk.
Track Name: Thrash Attack
Thrash attack x6
Ooooohhh, Japanese anime.
'Tache attack x6
Ooooohhh, Hair of the empire.
Splash attack x6
Ooooohhh, Aquaman's caravan.
Mash attack x6
Ooooohhh, Godzilla legend.
Lizard of oceans.
Track Name: Demon Womb
Take fire. The anti-life is born.
Three worlds corrupted weak and torn.
The dormant god of death has come to reap his crops.
Take fire. Your bleak and grey descent down winding chasms, shot with blast of fury colour, burning shadows from the sky.

Urotsukidoji; purge existence for your seed.
Kill the demon in the womb; the vessel for your planets doom.

Take fire, or else abandon hope.
Blistered neck for burning rope.
Spread your ashes for utopian disease.
Take fire. Your legends will be void. All life before is now destroyed. The seas will burn as the (mystery lyric) turns to dust.

Set sail across the Seas of Fuck Off; a broken mast for your sins.
Keel-haul your body through the lava and drag your carcass within.
Track Name: Titan
You will call me Titan.

Tank-boned mega fiend, rise and be crushed.
Eyes to the earth, press your face in the dirt.
Hell is fed with tongues of suffering.

Hokuto-tyranny, brothers of dust.
A crumbling empire of vipers and rust.
God is dead, his blood is on my palms, as Raoh commands/demands.

Blood, kill, triumph.
World of sand devours.

Fuck your mother.
Track Name: Python Power
Red eyes like the black plague; dead skin where the sores are weeping.
Deep down in the black lake, she sleeps with the bones of children.
So still are the swamplands; so calm is this rotting landscape.
Submerged in the darkness, she waits with a gnawing hunger.

Python power!

The wives speak of evil; a snake that can cry like infants to lure out the mothers to swim with the beast; the Bunyip.
So still is the water; so calm is this putrid marshland.
Submerged in the darkness, she feeds on the bones of children.
Track Name: Snap, Crackle and Sludge
Wake up the neighbours, you noisy buggers!
No porridge in the bowl, the Scotsman's weeping.
Wakey wakey, eggs and bacey. “Say bye to muffins and make my breakfast!”

This milk is lumpy and so's this gravy.
If I can't eat this sausage I'll eat my baby.
Flakey flakey Danish pastry.
So Daddy's working to pay for cotton.

My dressing gown is covered in plum,
I want to wash it but I'm worried that the colours will run.
The washing up is piled high and if Hugh Jackman doesn't do it then Hugh Jackman can die.

Little dog, puddles of piss.
Can't reach the corn flakes so I guess I'll have to give them a miss.
This whole meal has gone wrong and now my family is moving in with Benedict Wong.